Join us for a unique Mother’s Day celebration at All Souls Unitarian Church with a Flower Communion on Sunday, May 12, at 10 and 11:30 AM. Through a simple yet powerful ritual, this special service embodies the core of what we stand for—unity, diversity, and mutual respect.

Why we gather: The Flower Communion, introduced by Dr. Norbert Capek in 1923, celebrates the inherent worth and unique beauty of every individual. It’s a reminder of our connectedness and the strength found in our community.

How we celebrate: Each participant brings a single flower from their home, the store, your garden, etc., to contribute to a communal basket, symbolizing our collective unity. At the end of the service, you’ll take a different flower home as a gesture of embracing and valuing our differences. This act of giving and receiving flowers is a powerful affirmation of our shared values and an homage to all forms of nurturing and life-affirming care, especially honoring mothers and maternal figures on this day.