August’s theme is KINDNESS

Welcome to All Souls’ Summer of Peace!
This summer, we explore our Peace Practices through our monthly themes. 

  • June: Inclusion—Everyone gets to play
  • July: Respect—Respect for yourself, others and the environment
  • August: Kindness—Kindness in word and deed

Sunday, August 7

Six Degrees of Gratitude
Rev. Barbara Prose

A special Sunday in honor of our hard-working, committed, and compassionate volunteers and a welcome back to our Senior Minister, Rev. Marlin Lavanhar!

All who have served the church, in any capacity, are encouraged to attend so we can celebrate you!

People serve the church in an abundance of ways including; repairing our grounds and beautifying our gardens, caring for our church members in times of need, making food distribution possible, supporting partner school faculty and students, teaching our young minds and adult classes, fighting for a more just and equitable world, making our church a welcoming and safe space for folks to show up just as they are, and so much more!

Join us for your favorite service as our very special VIP guests!

We’ll have cake to celebrate and opportunities for you to share your gratitude too!

Worship Service in the Sanctuary at 10 am

The Point, Humanist Hour in Emerson Hall at 11:30 am
Curious about what a Humanist service is? Check out Marlin’s talk, Why Humanists Go To Church

If you are attending in person, masks are required. Please see the COVID updates page for the latest info. 

Children and Youth
Children and Youth will begin in the Sanctuary for each service before being excused to their programs. Please check in at the Family Table when you arrive. Pre-register your children by emailing

Joining Sundays are your opportunity to meet with an All Souls minister, ask questions, connect with others who are joining, and become a member of the All Souls family!

Second Sundays  |  Online via In Person & on Zoom!
11:30 am:
Register for in person joining:

Families! Check out All Souls Kids! —an interactive, online space for children and youth. Kids who attend regularly build deeper connections, even on-line, and derive greater benefits from their lessons and shared community. Please visit the ASK or Calendar pages for the latest information. Find the Family Chapel and Sunday School message you need, when you need it on our YouTube Playlist! 

We need not worship alike to love alike. 

All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church does not follow a particular doctrine or creed, but follows the Unitarian Universalist theology of radical acceptance and inclusiveness. Love and community are at the heart of each service. Ministers and guest speakers draw wisdom from the world’s religions, philosophy, literature, science, poetry and the natural world in order to deliver messages relevant to our times.  

Our covenant, a promise we make to each other, unifies All Souls members across a wide variety of perspectives and beliefs. It is spoken aloud at every service.  

Love is the spirit of this church, and service is its law. This is our great covenant, to dwell together in peace, to seek the truth in love, and to help one another.


2021-2022 Themes

September through May, our services are organized around nine themes which provide a shared focus—
giving our congregation the opportunity to gain greater clarity, meaning, and depth.

Sept: Vocation & Calling  |  Oct: Oneness  |  Nov: Gratitude  |  Dec: Peace  |  Jan: Grace  |  Feb: Prayer / Spiritual Practices  |  Mar: Letting Go  |  Apr: Salvation  |  May: Truth