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2952 S. Peoria Ave  |  Tulsa, OK
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Meet & Greet
Every Sunday, we’re here to listen to your story and share our stories. Join us for coffee and conversation. (Join our ZOOM Coffee Hour & online services on Sundays)

Our Services

We need not worship alike to love alike.

All Souls Unitarian Universalist Church does not follow a particular doctrine or creed but follows the Unitarian Universalist theology of radical acceptance and inclusiveness. Love and community are at the heart of each service. Ministers and guest speakers draw wisdom from the world’s religions, philosophy, literature, science, poetry and the natural world, to deliver messages relevant to our times.

Our covenant—a promise we make to each other—unifies All Souls members across a wide variety of perspectives and beliefs. It is spoken aloud at every service.

10 a.m. Worship & 11:30 a.m. The Point, Humanist Hour – Online and In Person | Zoom, Facebook, or Roku
Visit allsoulschurch.org/worship-services/for links to register, to join online, and details. 

Children & Families

ASK! (All Souls Kids) Click here for a fun, interactive introduction to ASK!
Church Out of the Box 
Sundays, 10 to 11 am & 11:30 to 12:30 pm
Outdoors on the West Playground (weather permitting)
Children will go to the service for the Story of All Ages and be dismissed for Church Out of the Box.

Find registration links and details here.

Our families are the heart of our church. Everyone is welcome.

Our children’s and youth programs prepare our children for the world they will inherit; by nurturing their spiritual lives, encouraging religious exploration, ethical development, and community values.

All programs—for children, youth, and adults—promote learning and personal development by means of free inquiry, mutual respect, and responsible behavior.

Families check in together in the foyer on Sundays and Wednesday nights.

We have three, simple rules:
1. Do no harm in word or deed.
2. Respect yourself and all others.
3. Everyone gets to play and have their say.

Lifespan Religious Education - More about our approach for all ages.

All Souls provides a safe space, a community, a place and time set aside to engage with others and ourselves to delve into the questions of Faith. Not to be given answers, but to be given a container in which the questions can be asked, and where answers can be tried on, turned over, discarded, or embraced. 

This process happens over and over again from the earliest years when we teach gentle loving hands to our toddlers and remind our kindergarteners the this a church of the open mind, the loving heart, and the helping hands to our school age children who learn the Peace Practices: be kind in word and deed, respect yourself, each other and the environment, and everyone gets to play, and our youth who develop their own Credos that they deliver to the congregation as their unique statements of Faith. This process is repeated tri-annually as we cycle through our thematic ministry, maturing and understanding in ever deeper and more nuanced ways.

Together we create a community where people of all ages will grow and be challenged personally, intellectually, and spiritually.   Here we hold and are held, we celebrate and are celebrated, we have opportunities to lead, to follow, to teach and to learn, and to be in covenanted relationship with one another as we practice Love Beyond Belief.

At all Souls, we teach children

  • that they are born into this world intrinsically good, inherently worthy, and lovable.
  • to listen to their thoughts and feelings and to share them with trusted community.
  • that people have different beliefs, and everyone should be treated with respect.
  • that kindness and inclusion are among the highest aims.
  • that to ask questions is to use one of the greatest gifts with which they have been blessed.

We teach youth

  • that all are imperfect, that adults are not omniscient and that to be in community we all must be willing to flex and forgive.
  • that no one has all of the answers, and that truth is multifaceted.
  • that continuing to question and to think critically is to use the gifts with which they have been blessed.
  • to be kind and inclusive, to stand up with and for others, to listen first and be willing to speak out.
  • to speak their truth.

We teach adults

  • to honor their religious upbringing while recreating a mature and current faith for themselves.
  • how to nurture spirituality in their own lives and in the life of their families.
  • that life is a gift and that that every person has gifts to share
  • that we make meaning of our experiences
  • that we are stronger together and that we are practicing imperfection.
  • to continually strive to become more self-aware of our own identity so that we can understand and take responsibility for our impact on others.
  • that death is as natural as birth and to live and die with dignity.

 Because we are a church that aspires to Love Beyond Belief, we do not privilege any particular religious beliefs as absolute truth. Instead, we aim to present a full breadth of stories, ideas, and traditions from different cultures around the world including our own contemporary culture and the world’s religions. We recognize and hold up parents and caregivers as the primary religious educators of their children. We seek to engage parents and caregivers with their children’s faith formation through cooperative work in the program, offering classes and discussion groups geared to support their roles as religious educators, and providing opportunities for adults to continue to learn and grow.

To participate in any of our age-appropriate programs, visit our Programs and Get Involved pages, or simply show up to any of our programs or services. All are welcome, just as they are. 

Small Groups & Classes

Small groups are where we get to know ourselves and each other. Small groups are where we heal. Small groups are how we grow.

Sunday groups include Sunday Salon, Sunday Circle, and All Souls Reads with Rev. Gerald Davis.

Small groups meet for social connection, support, and social justice. Adult classes are offered on Wednesday evenings.

Learn more about all of our small group opportunities on our Programs and Get Involved pages. 

About All Souls

All Souls is a welcoming community. Everyone, regardless of age, race, culture, economic status, gender identity or sexual orientation is welcome at All Souls.

Our Story 
The story of All Souls Unitarian Church is the story of a Church of the Free Spirit, founded on the principles of freedom, reason, fellowship, service and character.  

It is a story of strong lay leadership.  

The church was started by people who came to Tulsa to seize the opportunities of a booming oil town. They could see that the presence of a liberal religious voice was needed for the healthy development of the community. They envisioned a congregation coming together for the worship of God and the service of humankind.  

They built a Church of the Free Spirit.  

Today more than 1,800 adults claim All Souls as their spiritual home.  

Our membership includes business, state and civic leaders, and people from all walks of life, who hold a broad spectrum of personal and political views.  

Our building often houses both sides of a controversy.  

We unite on Sunday mornings in the spirit of love and in the search for beauty, truth and good for all.  

It is a story of strong ministry.  

The congregation has sought and called young clergy who were unafraid to exercise the power and freedom of the pulpit to comfort the afflicted and afflict the comfortable; ministers who were unafraid to speak out in the community about reproductive rights, civil rights and the rights of those who had suffered past wrongs; ministers who were and are willing to act as well as to speak prophetically.  

It is a story of unity and diversity.  

In a delicately and respectfully held balance, our congregation worships together while individually holding a broad spectrum of beliefs and unbeliefs 

We are a congregation grounded in the notion that Love is the Spirit and we are willing to engage in the personal struggles and collective labors required to keep it so for future generations.  

Each day we learn better how to celebrate what we have in common and to respect the ways in which we differ.  

We can see the dream becoming a reality.


The church is the people, not the building.   

Our members help make our shared vision a realityserving the church with their presence, their leadership, and their financial support. 

Becoming a member is entering a covenantal relationship with a community of individuals. Becoming a member is also a step toward leadership. Becoming a member means your voice matters in our democratically governed congregation.  

All Souls Tulsa & All Souls Everywhere members join us at the church in Tulsa or online on Sundays and during programs and events throughout the year. 

Learn more about membership and how to join here. 

Life Events

We are here for you when a loved one dies and when a loved one gets engaged and married. We are here for you when your child is born. We hold you with love and care, as we honor life’s sacred and secular rites of passages.  

Our ministers and staff are standing by, ready to walk with you through grief and joy.  

Life Events include: 

  • Child Dedications 
  • Weddings 
  • Memorials

During the times you need us most, we are here for you.
Contact us for more information. Call 918-743-2363 or email Kacy at kselby@allsoulschurch.org

Board of Trustees

2023 All Souls Board of Trustees

Executive Team:

Rev. Marlin Lavanhar, Senior Minister
Rev. Randy Lewis, Assistant Minister
Hannah Middlebrook, Exec. Dir. of Operations
Shannon Boston, Exec Dir. of Religious Education
David Smith, Exec Dir. of Worship

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Rev. Dr. Marlin Lavanhar

Senior Minister

Rev. Randy Lewis

Assistant Minister

Rev. Gerald Davis
Affiliate Minister
Shannon Boston

Ex. Dir. of RE

Rick Fortner
Director of Music
David B. Smith
Exec. Dir. of Worship