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Pledging members support the church annually.

“For bees, the flower is the fountain of life. For flowers, the bee is the messenger of love.” —Kahlil Gibran

Your pledge is the fountain of life that nourishes our community. Together, we are messengers of love in the world. Thank you for pledging to All Souls for 2022. We cannot make the sweet, sticky, delightful honey of All Souls without you!

Pledge cards completed online or returned to the church will receive a sweet gift! Take home a jar of honey from Oklahoma bees as a symbol of our church and the sweetness it provides our beautiful church community. This small token of appreciation is possible thanks to the McElroy family. Thank you to everyone who has turned in your pledge card, we are saving your gift for you.

Click here for our Giving Guide. Pledges fund the operating budget and are an important part of keeping All Souls financially secure. Pledging members help All Souls to spread generosity by giving our weekly offering to agencies or programs supporting work or issues important to our congregation. Make your pledge today by completing our secure, online pledge card.

2952 S. Peoria Ave, Tulsa OK 74114

Beautiful All Souls Centennial keepsakes by Cherokee Copper. Every purchase is a direct donation to the operating fund.
Large Home Chalice (Approx. 7×7″) $125
Small Home Chalice (Approx. 4×4″) $55
Copper Ornament or Bookmark $25
Commemorative Memorabilia
Centennial Cookbook $10
Simple Gifts, Too by P.S. Gordon poster $10
85th Anniversary History Book $25

Visit the Alliance Room on Sundays or order online.


Any capital campaign gifts should be made in addition to your annual operation pledge. Your gift will turn our Centennial Vision into a reality and will become a living legacy for Tulsa and beyond.   


Creating a Legacy at All Souls is a decision that continues your charitable wishes and values, helping to secure the existence of All Souls for future generations. Consider a legacy gift to All Souls Church when you are evaluating your personal, family, and financial needs as well as your long term charitable givingTo visit about creating your legacy, please email gifts@allsoulschurch.org.

When you include All Souls in your planned giving, our commitment to love, service, peace, and truth live on through your legacy. A planned gift is a meaningful way to make an expression of your values while realizing financial, tax, and estate planning benefits.


In 2004, All Souls members voted to model generosity, abundance, and possibility by giving our entire Sunday plate to agencies or programs supporting work or issues important to our congregation. Our Generosity Committee reviews and approves applications for our plate offering. To apply to receive the offering, email generosity@allsoulschurch.org.

Contribute to the presentation of our Sunday worship and Humanist Hour services. Honor a loved one, anniversary, or celebration by sponsoring flowers. Arrangements begin at $90. Email officeadmin@allsoulschurch.org to reserve your date!

Supporters of our Endowment Fund, established in 1964 by Gerald Westby, have a sincere passion for the causes advanced by All Souls. Their support is a testament to those causes and their enriching personal experiences. The Endowment Fund is managed by the Investment Committee, which is overseen by the Board of Trustees. To visit about your endowment gift options, please email gifts@allsoulschurch.org
 All Souls also welcomes contributions in the form of donated stock or bond options, IRA rollover gifts, life insurance, real estate, among others. Email gifts@allsoulschurch.org to get started.