Meet the All Souls Kids team!

Shannon Boston

Shannon Boston

Religious Exploration, Executive Director


Welcome to you, and welcome to all of your questions.  I can’t promise to be able to answer them, but I will walk with you while we look for the responses together. The All Souls Religious Exploration Community is a wonderful place to join together to think outside of the box and reframe life’s big and little quandaries. From “What happens when we die?” to “How do I say I’m sorry?” we tackle it all through our three-year rotation of themes, Sunday School for all ages, classes for parents and caregivers and intergenerational and age-specific events.

While learning together, whether virtually or in real space, we have three basic principles upon which we draw.  These are our PEACE PRACTICES:

  • Be kind in word and deed
  • Respect yourself, one another and the environment
  • Everyone gets to play

We have found that when we focus on achieving these elements, we can create a welcoming place for everyone.
Reach out anytime. sboston@allsoulschurch.org.

Come be a part of our community!


Corey Smith

Corey Smith

Youth Director

Our goal is to create a loving, all-inclusive environment for our youth where we encourage youth grades 6 through 12 to join is us on a spiritual journey where everyone is included! There are many ways UUs express faith. At All Souls, we explore the many beliefs about God, including atheism. The curriculum for our youth programs touch on bible literacy, world religions, anti-racism and social justice as well as Unitarian Universalist history.

Our students develop their own personal beliefs through various lessons, workshops and classes throughout the year that will introduce different religions. In essence, we want to do our best to prepare our youth for the path, not the path for our youth. We have lots of fun as we learn together!

In the spring, our Coming of Age class travels for a Boston Pilgrimage to help solidify some of things we have learned about the Unitarian City. In 2022, we combined classes so our youth would not have to miss out due to the pandemic, which forced us to cancel the trip in 2020 and 2021. 

There are so many ways that we will engage our youth to help them shine like a diamond! If I can be of any assistance, please email me! csmith@allsoulschurch.org.