Mother’s Day Flower Communion & CCYC Concert/Not Concert

Sunday, May 12 | 10am & 11:30am
Join us for a unique Mother’s Day celebration at All Souls Unitarian Church with a Flower Communion on Sunday, May 12, at 10 and 11:30 AM. Brings a single flower from your home, the store, your garden, etc., and contribute to a communal basket, symbolizing our collective unity. At the end of the service, you’ll take a different flower home as a gesture of embracing and valuing our differences. Through a simple yet powerful ritual, this special service embodies the core of what we stand for—unity, diversity, and mutual respect.

Create, Contribute, & Build Community At All Souls

Wednesday, May 8 | TIME | LOCATION
Do you want to deepen your understanding of yourself, All Souls, and our larger community? We’re looking for church members who are ready to take the next step and join one of three committees – Children’s Religious Exploration, Youth Religious Exploration, and Adult Religious Exploration. Our inaugural committee meetings kick off this month. The children’s programs comittee meeting is on May 8th from 6-8pm in the Alliance Room. Pizza and childcare provided with the reservation, and we encourage bringing an appetizer or dessert to share. Contact Shannon Boston at Boston and also for more details. Remember, you must be a church member to join a committee, but all training is provided promise of great fun and enriching learning guaranteed!

Sienna Project 2025. Building schools and changing lives. Visit for more information.Sienna Project

Thursday, May 8 | TIME | LOCATION
The Sienna Project is a living memorial honoring Sienna Lavanhar, the beloved daughter of Anitra and Rev. Marlin Lavanhar. Tragically, Sienna passed away just three days after her third birthday in May 2006. In her memory, Sienna’s grandfather Martin Lavanhar, step-grandmother Caroline, and uncle Derek Lavanhar founded the Sienna Project as a 501(c)3 organization in 2007. Derek, residing in Guatemala, recognized the critical need for educational facilities in the Quiche region, where Mayan children lacked proper access to schooling. While the Guatemalan government provides teachers, it does not fund the construction of school buildings. The Lavanhar family initially aimed to build 10 schools, a goal they proudly achieved by 2014. All Souls has since built two additional schools – one in 2017 and another in 2019. To date, around 825 children attend classes in buildings erected by the Sienna Project, impacting thousands of lives through improved access to education.

The journey continues with a planned trip to Guatemala in March 2025. Cost per person is $1,200 which includes lodging, meals, in-country transportation and tips. It does not include airfare. Each volunteer participating must also raise $1,500 for the building fund outside of the All Souls community and members. For those interested in joining this meaningful effort or seeking more information, a meeting is scheduled for Thursday, May 9th, at 5:00pm in room 206 at All Souls. If you have questions or wish to participate, please reach out to Dianne Rusher at 918.231.2991.


Ways To Connect This Week

Join us this week for these events and visit our calendar page for more information!
  • Men of All Souls: DAY | TIME | LOCATION | LINK
  • Trekkers: DAY | TIME | LOCATION | LINK
  • Wednesday Circle: DAY | TIME | LOCATION | LINK
  • action: DAY | TIME | LOCATION | LINK
  • Diabetes: DAY | TIME | LOCATION | LINK
  • Garden: DAY | TIME | LOCATION | LINK

Looking Ahead

  • History Tour: DAY | TIME | LOCATION | LINK
  • Youth Committee Day Alliance: DAY | TIME | LOCATION | LINK
  • Volunteer Appreciation: DAY | TIME | LOCATION | LINK
  • Booksmart In June: DAY | TIME | LOCATION | LINK