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Love is the spirit of this church, and service is its law. This is our great covenant, to dwell together in peace, to seek the truth in love, and to help one another.

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Sunday, July 12

A New Birth of Freedom, Part 2

Rev. Barbara Prose and Dr. Willie Parker

On July 5, Pastor David Smith said it was time for a new birth of America. It is time for a civil and spiritual awakening and time for a civil deliverance that moves us from mental amnesia to holy remembering.  Rev. Marlin Lavanhar called us to uncover our hidden stories and develop a critical consciousness about our country’s history and our own lives.  

 Our service this Sunday, July 12, will include a conversation about what this new birth may require of us and our Country. Rev. Barbara Prose, a midwife and our minister, and Dr. Willie Parker, a physician and ObGyn started a conversation about patriarchy, white supremacy, and what it means to be an ally for each other. Read more in NPR builds a social justice relationship.

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