All Souls Unitarian Church is being presented with a unique and urgent opportunity to profoundly impact the lives of a family in dire need. The All Souls Refugee Relief Team is forming a Welcomecorps team for Tulsa, tentatively called ‘Tulsa Bound’ and they are in need of 6-7 team leaders committed to the project.

Team leaders will be assisted by All Souls member, Dr. Wayne Sterba, as the Sponsor Group Lead. He will ensure that guidelines are followed, tasks are completed, program documentation is submitted and facilitate group meetings and communication.

Team Leader Expectation: Some of the tasks for team leaders may include:

  • Ensuring that the conditions of a newcomer’s status (e.g. parole) are met.
  • Ensuring required documentation (such as Social Security cards or state IDs) are submitted.
  • When appropriate, ensuring newcomers are connected to free or affordable legal assistance to explore options for changes to immigration status.

How You Can Help: In order for the team to move forward, the Tulsa Bound team needs to fill the following positions:

  • Group Coordinator (filled)
  • Finance & Employment Team Leader
  • Housing & Basic Necessities Team Leader
  • Benefits & Healthcare Team (filled)
  • Welcoming & Local Orientation Team Leader
  • Education & Language Team Leader

You can learn more about the program and the team descriptions on the Welcomecorps website.

Join Tulsa Bound to help resettle a family in dire need.About the Family

The father of the family, Dawood, worked in Afghanistan for several years on a USAID-funded project led by Cathy Schloeder and Mike Jacobs. Recognizing the critical situation Dawood and his family are in, Cathy and Mike have generously committed to funding the entire resettlement process through Tulsa Bound.

The Mission

Tulsa Bound will become the first Welcome Corps team in Tulsa. With Wayne serving as Group Coordinator, the group will commit to providing all the services the family needs for resettlement. The goal is to support them in rebuilding their lives with dignity and hope.

Expected Time Of Resettlement

Below, you’ll find an expected time progression of resettlement with Tulsa Bound. You can also email Wayne at to learn more information.

Graphical representation of expected resettlement timeline. To learn more, email

Join the Effort & Make A Difference

This is a chance to embody our shared values of compassion, service, and community. If you feel called to join this life-changing mission or want more information, we urge you to contact Wayne at Your participation can make a difference in the lives of Dawood and his family and demonstrate the extraordinary kindness and strength of our All Souls community and that love is the spirit of this church!

For more information about Welcome Corps and the Private Sponsorship Group model, visit Contact Dr. Wayne Sterba at for details on how you can help.