“It’s gross. The color is not the smartest.” “I wouldn’t want to skate on it – there’s too many ripples.” “Geriatric Barbie would have tripped going down that carpet.” “It looks very walked on. Lot’s of feet have gone over it.” “It’s a tripping hazard. I already have a metal knee and hip, and I don’t want any more metal parts.”
These are just some of the ways members have described the carpet in our sanctuary, and we agree. The sanctuary carpet has reached the end of its life, and we need $12,000 to install new carpet that will not be a tripping hazard and will be free from frayed edges and stains.
Can you help us reach our goal on Giving Tuesday, November 28? Click here to give. Below you’ll find a sample of the new carpet we plan to install.
Sample of the new carpet we plan to put in the Sanctuary.