All Souls Unitarian Church

Worship Sunday Mornings
Traditional @ 10:00 am
Contemporary @ 11:30 am
The Point @ 11:30 am

2952 South Peoria
Tulsa Oklahoma 74114










Worship at All Souls Unitarian Church

All Souls offers  many worship services to choose from. The themes and theology of each of the services are the same, but the liturgy and style of the services differ.  Click to download a copy of our worship brochure.


9:15 am Child Care

10:00 am Traditional Worship Service with music from the All Souls Music Program

For over 90 years in Tulsa, All Souls has offered a Sunday service that was born of a mainline Protestant past yet uplifts a forward-looking, rational, scientific world view combined with a deep respect for the wisdom of the world's great religions. Also imbued with philosophical, poetic, literary and historical elements, this traditional service combines prayers and hymns and language of reverence that speaks of God in ways that leaves room for multiple and metaphorical meanings to be discovered.

10:00 am Religious Education Classes for all Ages
11:00 am Children's Chapel (Third Grade and Younger)

11:30 am Contemporary Worship Service with music from the New Dimensions Chorale and the All Souls Music Program

Since 2008, this service has fused All Souls inclusive, philosophy of religious freedom with
God-centered worship. In this  service the songs draw from Gospel, Praise, Pentecostal and Popular music and also find room for occasional Classical,  Jazz and  R&B songs.  The instruments are often electric and the feeling is always electrifying.  This is a service for those who seek not just a free and intellectual, exploration of God, but also an energetic, embodied experience of God.

11:30 The Point with music from Rick Fortner and Friends

The Point is a service that draws from history, philosophy, literature, poetry and nature.  Come and experience Love Beyond Belief in this Humanist service.  No robes, no hymns, no prayers or scriptures.  Just a relevant message, inspiring music by Rick Fortner and friends, and a community committed to the common good.  Join us on this journey of depth and discovery.

11:30 am Religious Education Classes for all ages

Which service should I attend?

Wednesdays (September - May)

5:15 pm Dinner Begins
6:30 pm Chapel Service
7:00-8:30 pm Adult Programs Classes

Our church is a worshiping community. Each Sunday morning we come together to be reconnected to life's ultimate concerns.  Our services are respectful of the Judeo-Christian heritage, but open to a variety of religious and ethical traditions.  Excellent music is an important part of our worship services.

The sermon each week is an inspiring message that engages the heart and mind and addresses those issues that give meaning and substance to our everyday lives.   The messages are presented in a way that encourages the listener to question our assumptions and our ideas.

Our Sunday morning worship services are identical in the message and the sermon. The music differs, with the All Souls Music Program featured at the 10:00 am service and the addition of the New Dimensions Chorale at the 11:30 am service. Celebration music begins the 11:30 service.


Each Sunday morning our worship begins with an invocation followed by our covenant.

Our covenant:
Love is the spirit of this church
And service is its law
This is our great covenant
To dwell together in peace,
To seek the truth in love,
And to help one another.