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Interested in getting involved with one of our social or justice groups? 



Attention lay leaders! Do you have a volunteer opportunity you need filled? You can use myAllSouls to list opportunities and manage your volunteers. Complete this form and click “Submit by Email” or email to myallsouls@allsoulschurch.org. To sign up for training with myAllSouls volunteer management, please email Alli at myallsouls@allsoulschurch.org or call (918) 743-2805 ext. 332


Get Involved Now

Welcome to the Family

Here are several ways to engage immediately.

Become Part of the HOME Team – HOspitality and MEmbership

Adult Programs Book Table: sboston@allsoulschurch.org
Audio-visual Tech Team: bjames@allsoulschurch.org
Children & Youth Support: sboston@allsoulschurch.org
Intercultural Communications Team: ehecker@allsoulschurch.org
Intercultural Education Team: sboston@allsoulschurch.org
Library Committee: sboston@allsoulschurch.org
Memorial Gardens: bprose@allsoulschurch.org
Greeters: sboston@allsoulschurch.org
Parish Notes Assembly: ssanders@allsoulschurch.org
Shuttle Bus Drivers: rhunsucker@allsoulschurch.org
Ushers: kmcadams@allsoulschurch.org
Sexton Support: sextons@allsoulschurch.org

Serve on one of our Social Justice (S.E.A.L.) Teams – Serve, Educate, Advocate, Lead

All Souls Unidos: unidos@allsoulschurch.org
Community Resource Bank (CRB): crb@allsoulschurch.org
Criminal Justice Outreach: criminaljusticeoutreach@allsoulschurch.org
Green Team: greenteam@allsoulschurch.org
Homeless Outreach: homelessoutreach@allsoulschurch.org
Hous & Hous 2.0: hous@allsoulschurch.org, hous2.0@allsoulschurch.org
LGBTQ & Allies: lgbtq@allsoulschurch.org
Partner Church: partnerchurch@allsoulschurch.org
Partners in Education: pie@allsoulschurch.org
Racial Justice Outreach Team: druffin@allsoulschurch.org
All Souls for Reproductive Justice: reprojustice@allsoulschurch.org
Village Banking: villagebanking@allsoulschurch.org.

Join a Pastoral CareTeam

Shawl Ministry: bprose@AllSoulsChurch.org
SpiritSong: spiritsong@allsoulschurch.org

Participate in Annual Community Events

Halloween Party (Oct.): sboston@allsoulschurch.org
Arts & Crafts Market (Dec. and May): sboston@allsoulschurch.org
The MLK Parade (Jan.): sboston@allsoulschurch.org
Veteran’s Day Parade (Feb.): sboston@allsoulschurch.org
Pride Parade (June): sboston@allsoulschurch.org

Join one of our Social Groups

Day Alliance: dayalliance@allsoulschurch.org
Evening Alliance: eveningalliance@allsoulschurch.org
Friday Night Adventures: brg3@aol.com
Supper Club: supperclub@allsoulschurch.org
Young at Heart: Contact Lynn Bootes, lynn.bootes@olp.net909-730-7137


Join one of our Parenting/Child Caregiver Groups

Tulsa Inclusive Homeschool Group: me.daman@yahoo.com, 918.289.5504,
      or Kendra Freedom, kendrafreedom@hotmail.com, 918.991.8589
Unitarian Universalist Parents (UUPs): Rachel Mize at rachel.mize@gmail.com

Adult Programs Wednesday Connections volunteersboston@allsoulschurch.org


After Six Months

The following groups request or require a six-month church membership, an interview, and training.

Pastoral Care Program

Friendly Souls: friendlysouls@allsoulschurch.org
Helping Souls: helpingsouls@allsoulschurch.org
Life Decisions: Contact Ellen Bussard at lifedecisions@allsoulschurch.org

Adult Music Ministry

Sing in A Choir: dsmith@allsoulschurch.org

Children & Youth

Be a Choir Monitor: dsmith@allsoulschurch.org
Be a classroom teacher or guide for pre-K-6: sboston@allsoulschurch.org
Be a youth advisor: sboston@allsoulschurch.org


After One Year

To be a leader in the church requires one year of membership, consistent giving, and active participation. 

Church Boards

Adult Music Program: rfortner@allsoulschurch.org
Board of Trustees: boardoftrustees@allsoulschurch.org
Children’s Religious Exploration: sboston@allsoulschurch.org
Children & Youth Choir: dsmith@allsoulschurch.org
UU Adult Religious Exploration, Hospitality & Membership Board: sboston@allsoulschurch.org
Youth Board: youthdirector@allsoulschurch.org

Pastoral Care

Care Team: careteam@allsoulschurch.org
Parish Nurses: parishnurses@allsoulschurch.org