Our church is a worshiping community. Each Sunday morning we come together to be reconnected to life's ultimate purpose. Our services are respectful of the Judeo-Christian heritage, but open to a variety of religious and ethical traditions.


At 10:00 a.m. our Traditional Service offers a forward-looking, honest approach to faith, in a world with diverse religious expressions and traditions. Our preachers draw from the wisdom of the world’s great religions to make their messages relevant to our times, always leaving room for personal experience and particular understandings of God.


At 11:30 a.m. our Contemporary Service has electric instruments and is electrifying. For those who want an energetic and embodied experience of God, it draws primarily from the Christian tradition and includes praise, as well as popular, music.


Our 11:30 a.m. Humanist Service, “The Point,” offers a variety of speakers, poets, and professors sharing reasoned commentary relevant to life in the here and now for those who are not looking for religious ceremonies, rituals, or scriptures. Jazz music from Rick Fortner and friends makes it a celebration beyond belief.


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Welcome to All Souls!

Love Beyond BeliefOur church is an embodiment and celebration of the world as we hope it will one day become. A climate of profound hospitality, love and acceptance radiates from our campus and our members. Our sanctuary is bursting with people from a diversity of theologies, philosophies, ethnicities, cultures, colors, classes, abilities, generations, sexual orientations and political persuasions, all dwelling together in peace, seeking the truth in love and helping one another. Our compassion is reflected in our actions to care for one another, our neighbors and the environment. Our religious education involves all ages and aims at connecting heads, hearts and hands.