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Every week our ministers and guest speakers wrestle with important issues of life and death, faith, hope, and love.  Listen or watch one of our messages.  Then reach out to us and let us know what you think.

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Sunday, March 26



10:00 a.m.  Traditional   |   11:30 a.m. Contemporary   |   11:30 a.m. Humanist 


All Souls Unitarian Church was founded on March 20, 1921. Join us in celebrating 96 years as we honor our heritage, past presidents and previous Board of Trustee members.   

Former All Souls intern and current UUA President candidate, Alison Miller will speak in each of our services on Heritage Sunday.    

Heritage Sunday lifts up our church’s legacy of leadership in the ongoing struggle for religious freedom, human, and civil rights. From our heritage, we continue to draw strength and inspiration, as we work together, to make the world we dream of a reality within our own community.   

Recognize Our Founding Families, Past Presidents, 

and Past Trustees:    

If you are related to someone who was a member of All Souls before 1931, or if you have ever served on the Board of Trustees, we wish to honor you on Heritage Sunday. Please contact Alison Olig, Executive Director of Stewardship, with your name and years of service. She can be reached by calling (918)743-2363 or by emailing  

More about Alison Miller:   

Alison Miller   
Former All Souls intern   
Current candidate for UUA President   

Alison’s first twenty-four years of her call was as a lay leader, a volunteer, a staff person, and a congregational minister.   

Her experiences as a mentor, leader, and fundraiser have led her to great success in adapting our faith in ways that work inside and outside of congregations. Her message today is relevant and inspiring.