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Every week our ministers and guest speakers wrestle with important issues of life and death, faith, hope, and love. Listen or watch one of our messages. Though All Souls is active year round, from September through May, our congregation is organized around nine theological themes. 

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Upcoming Sermons, Services, and Talks

Sunday, October 1


10:00 a.m. Traditional   |    11:30 Humanist

A River Runs Through Us

Rev. Barbara Prose

This Sunday we will consider the many ways water shapes our lives. Long-time member Jean Ann Fausser, who won this sermon in last year’s Gala, will have an original piece of art entitled, A River Runs Through Me, featured in the sanctuary. Water is the source of life. It also destroys life. Water is a human right. It is also big business. Water is the symbol for God in our Simple Gifts, Too painting. Moses died before he could cross over the river Jordan into the promised land and Jesus was baptized in that same river. Greek mythology teaches us that we cross over the river Styx when we die. The Tao teaches that water does not resist, yet it conquers all. Our bodies are 60% water.  Whether you love or fear water, together we will lift up the power of water to shape and remake our lives.  

See you Sunday, 



11:30 a.m. Contemporary

Courage and Vulnerability

Rev. Gerald Davis

There are times when we think in binary ways about complexities of life. If we fall into the trap of an either/or solution, we discount the vast creative impulses of this thing we call life. Some people say to be vulnerable is to be courageous, while others think being vulnerable is not showing courage. I want to apply another way of thinking about vulnerability in a context of truth-telling and justice-seeking. Join me in this foray.

Rev. Gerald


Monthly Themes

Though All Souls is active year round, from September through May, our congregation is organized around nine theological themes.

These themes provide a shared focus, giving our congregation the opportunity to gain greater clarity, meaning, and depth. Seriously engaging in these themes could transform your life!

Go deeper with our three year cycle of themes:

  1. Don’t miss your favorite service on the First Sunday of each month. A minister will introduce the theme. Additional services throughout the month may deal with different aspects of the theme as do our weekly Children's Chapel services and Children's and Youth programs.
  2. Attend our adult programming classes and events, Wednesday ConnectionsOnce a month our ministers hold a "Theme Talk" where they will offer their insights into to the theme and invite conversation.
  3. Check out All Souls exclusive blog, Engage in religiously liberal content curated from the heartland.  

Check out the UUA's article, Monthly Themes Help the Congregation Go Deeper about All Souls.