New Dimensions Chorale

Our Journey Together

has allowed us to reach a new generation of people who have grown up in contemporary Christian worship, but who are looking for a liberal, progressive theological message and community. In 2008, All Souls welcomed New Dimensions Chorale and began offering a contemporary service with former members of the New Dimensions Worship Center. 

Today, All Souls offers the same themes and theology in different liturgical forms in order to share our message and mission as widely as possible. What we have learned since 2008 is that there are many people leaving Non-denominational, Pentecostal, and Charismatic churches in Tulsa who are looking for the relevant and progressive message we offer and yet who are accustomed to a more contemporary Protestant style of worship. We believe our message and mission is so important in our lives now and in the future that we continually seek new ways to offer it.