Monthly Themes

Though our church is active year round, from September to May our church life is organized around nine themes. These theological topics provide a shared focus so that the diverse elements of church life gain greater clarity, meaning, and depth.  Be forewarned: Seriously engaging in these themes could transform your life!

Go deeper with our three year cycle of themes:

  1. Don’t miss the service on the First Sunday of the month,when a minister will introduce the theme and share a story for all ages that will be used in our monthly Children's and Youth programs.
  2. Attend our Wednesday Night Adult Programming throughout the month.
  3. Read Simple Gifts. Simple Gifts is our monthly journal and can be used to explore ideas on the theme. 
  4. Consider sharing your gifts and talents with our children by volunteering in our All Souls Kids program as a workshop leader.
  5. Join a Soulful Circle, and dig deeper in small groups.   

See this year's themes on the right.

For even more information, please read this article written about All Souls by the UUA: Monthly Themes Help the Congregation Go Deeper