Click on the links below to find out how you can serve the church or the wider community.  Or, please contact Shannon Boston, our Director of Adult Programs and Membership, sboston@allsoulschurch.org, 918.743.2805, ext. 321.

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Get Involved Now

Welcome to the Family

Here are several ways to engage immediately.

Become Part of the HOME Team – HOspitality and MEmbership

Adult Programs Book Table: sboston@allsoulschurch.org
Audio-visual Tech Team: bjames@allsoulschurch.org
Children & Youth Support: sboston@allsoulschurch.org
Intercultural Communications Team: ehecker@allsoulschurch.org
Intercultural Education Team: sboston@allsoulschurch.org
Library Committee: sboston@allsoulschurch.org
Memorial Gardens: bprose@allsoulschurch.org
Greeters: sboston@allsoulschurch.org
Parish Notes Assembly: ssanders@allsoulschurch.org
Shuttle Bus Drivers: rhunsucker@allsoulschurch.org
Ushers: kmcadams@allsoulschurch.org
Sexton Support: sextons@allsoulschurch.org

Serve on one of our Social Justice (S.E.A.L.) Teams – Serve, Educate, Advocate, Lead

All Souls Unidos: unidos@allsoulschurch.org
Community Resource Bank (CRB): crb@allsoulschurch.org
Criminal Justice Outreach: criminaljusticeoutreach@allsoulschurch.org
Green Team: greenteam@allsoulschurch.org
Homeless Outreach: homelessoutreach@allsoulschurch.org
Hous & Hous 2.0: hous@allsoulschurch.org, hous2.0@allsoulschurch.org
LGBTQ & Allies: lgbtq@allsoulschurch.org
Partner Church: partnerchurch@allsoulschurch.org
Partners in Education: pie@allsoulschurch.org
Racial Justice Outreach Team: druffin@allsoulschurch.org
All Souls for Reproductive Justice: reprojustice@allsoulschurch.org
Village Banking: villagebanking@allsoulschurch.org.

Join a Pastoral CareTeam

Shawl Ministry: bprose@AllSoulsChurch.org
SpiritSong: spiritsong@allsoulschurch.org

Participate in Annual Community Events

Halloween Party (Oct.): sboston@allsoulschurch.org
Arts & Crafts Market (Dec. and May): sboston@allsoulschurch.org
The MLK Parade (Jan.): sboston@allsoulschurch.org
Veteran’s Day Parade (Feb.): sboston@allsoulschurch.org
Pride Parade (June): sboston@allsoulschurch.org

Join one of our Social Groups

Day Alliance: dayalliance@allsoulschurch.org
Evening Alliance: eveningalliance@allsoulschurch.org
Friday Night Adventures: brg3@aol.com
Supper Club: supperclub@allsoulschurch.org
Young at Heart: Contact Lynn Bootes, lynn.bootes@olp.net909-730-7137


Join one of our Parenting/Child Caregiver Groups

Tulsa Inclusive Homeschool Group: me.daman@yahoo.com, 918.289.5504,
      or Kendra Freedom, kendrafreedom@hotmail.com, 918.991.8589
Unitarian Universalist Parents (UUPs): Rachel Mize at rachel.mize@gmail.com

Adult Programs Wednesday Connections volunteersboston@allsoulschurch.org


After Six Months

The following groups request or require a six-month church membership, an interview, and training.

Pastoral Care Program

Friendly Souls: friendlysouls@allsoulschurch.org
Helping Souls: helpingsouls@allsoulschurch.org
Life Decisions: Contact Ellen Bussard at lifedecisions@allsoulschurch.org

Adult Music Ministry

Sing in A Choir: dsmith@allsoulschurch.org

Children & Youth

Be a Choir Monitor: dsmith@allsoulschurch.org
Be a classroom teacher or guide for pre-K-6: sboston@allsoulschurch.org
Be a youth advisor: sboston@allsoulschurch.org


After One Year

To be a leader in the church requires one year of membership, consistent giving, and active participation. 

Church Boards

Adult Music Program: rfortner@allsoulschurch.org
Board of Trustees: boardoftrustees@allsoulschurch.org
Children’s Religious Exploration: sboston@allsoulschurch.org
Children & Youth Choir: dsmith@allsoulschurch.org
UU Adult Religious Exploration, Hospitality & Membership Board: sboston@allsoulschurch.org
Youth Board: youthdirector@allsoulschurch.org

Pastoral Care

Care Team: careteam@allsoulschurch.org
Parish Nurses: parishnurses@allsoulschurch.org