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Sunday, November 30

10:00 Traditional & 11:30 Contemporary

Fully Given
David Ruffin, Resident Minister

The root of the word forgive, forgiefan, means to “completely” (for) “give” (giefan). In this way, we have all been for-given, fully given, the gift of life. It is offered to us time and time again, with every sunrise as with every rain. Life keeps coming at us. But, of course, the fullness of this gift includes great pain and we often find ourselves bunkering down against life, rather than fully giving our selves and others the gift of the new day. How can we breakout of our bunkers and embrace this foundational for-giveness? (Hint: not by staying home in a food coma)

See you on post-Thanksgiving Sunday!


11:30 Humanist, The Point

Family Values
Rev. Barbara Prose

Have you been to a wedding where you were told by the bride that the flower girl was her ex-husband’s new daughter? Whether or not that’s happened to you, we all know the American family is changing. From blended families, to people living together without getting married, to new immigrants, baby daddies, and gay parents, the make-up and meaning of marriage is a moving target. During this holiday season, when we tend to spend more time with our families, the more traditional and the more unconventional, let’s dig until we discover our own core family values. Because family matters!




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Our church is a worshiping community. Each Sunday morning we come together to be reconnected to life's ultimate concerns. Our services are respectful of the Judeo-Christian heritage, but open to a variety of religious and ethical traditions. Excellent music is an important part of our worship services.

The sermon each week is an inspiring message that engages those issues that give meaning and substance to our everyday lives. The messages are never presented in a way to give listeners "the truth," but, instead, encourage them to question the assumptions and ideas we so often take for granted.


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