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Every week our ministers and guest speakers wrestle with important issues of life and death, faith, hope, and love.  Listen or watch one of our messages.  Then reach out to us and let us know what you think.

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Sunday, December 4



10:00 a.m. Traditional   |   11:30 a.m. Humanist

The Courage to Be

Rev. Dr. Marlin Lavanhar

Sometimes it takes a lot of courage to go on living our lives. Other times it takes courage to change course. Where does this courage come from? How do we rise above the everyday circumstances we find ourselves in and act in the face of fear,  danger, or despair? Some people draw on a higher power and others on a higher purpose. These are complicated and troubling times. Where does your “courage to be” originate?

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11:30 a.m. Contemporary

Whose Side is God On?

Rev. Barbara Prose

We’re familiar with Yahweh in the Hebrew Bible, who takes sides–in love and war. We’ve heard the prosperity gospel that assures us that fortune will follow our faithfulness. We know Christians who proselytize, trying to persuade us to come on over to their side. We wonder where God is when bad things happen to good people. Our national social justice campaign declares, “We Are Standing on the Side of Love.” But how do we discern what side God is on? And how do we know if and when we are actually standing on God’s side? We’ll use scripture and history to help us find answers to these questions.