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Every week our ministers and guest speakers wrestle with important issues of life and death, faith, hope, and love.  Listen or watch one of our messages.  Then reach out to us and let us know what you think.

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10:00 a.m. Traditional  |  11:30 a.m. Humanist

The Purpose of Practice

Rev. Barbara Prose

We know artists, athletes, and actors practice their craft or skill in order to perform. One daughter practiced scales and arpeggios, every day, for hours, to get better at playing the violin. What do you practice and why? We know that the more we develop a skill, the more we are able to share it freely, without inhibition, or even to transcend ourselves in our expression of that skill. Practice is something we do to move us along toward a goal. What might you want to practice regularly……generosity, compassion, that you can be more free in your expression of it? 




11:30 a.m. Contemporary

Higher Power, Higher Purpose

Rev. Marlin Lavanhar

Some people are surprised and wonder “Why would an atheist take any interest in having a spiritual life?” Not believing in God, it turns out, does not preclude a person from wanting to tend the parts of him or herself that are unique to being human. The spirit of a person could be likened to the part of us that thinks, jokes, loves, cares and more. All these are very natural qualities that do not require belief in anything supernatural. Many creatures have brains, but there are certain higher characteristics that only humans, among the animal kingdom, exhibit. There is something in us willing to sacrifice for love and honor. We seek meaning and joy. Defining such characteristics as the spirit of a person, we can see that tending to the spirit is a way of tending to our abilities to love, care, experience joy and to find meaning. I will continue my series on Atheist Spirituality with a look at qualities of the spirit.

See you in church, Marlin