IAF/Tulsa Sponsoring Committee

All Souls Industrial Areas Foundation (IAF) House Meeting Initiative:

Personal Stories, Public Action

Our congregation is working with other congregations and community organizations in Tulsa to form a coalition through which we can learn to stand together as a faith community to work with public officials and the business community on issues that face families. As a starting point, each congregation is listening to the families they serve to get a better sense of what kinds of pressures they are under. Please join us to share your story of life in Tulsa: positives, negatives, challenges - and to hear from other people in our congregation. It will only take one hour, and there will be opportunities to get more involved if you are interested. 

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For more information, or contact IAF@allsoulschurch.org 

Some concerns that have come from previous meetings...

"The student loan payments my husband and I make every month are as much as our mortgage! Getting an education shouldn't cost you the rest of your life."

"It's getting harder for me to drive at night and I hate to keep asking my friends to take me places. I wish there were decent public transportation I could use."

"My daughter told me they got a new student in her class this week and they could barely find room to fit in another desk! How can a teacher really work well with that many kids in one room?"

"I don't understand why the city has so much construction all at once. I can hardly get around town, and it doesn't seem safe to have people constantly trying to figure out where to drive in the construction zones."

"My family is having a hard time finding people who can help support us with my daughter, who is struggling with mental health issues. We can't get simple answers about where to go or who to talk to!"


What are you struggling with?
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