Other Ways to Give

All Souls welcomes other forms of generosity.

In addition to annual membership pledges, All Souls also welcomes contributions in the form of donated stock or bond options, IRA rollover gifts, life insurance, real estate, among others.

Contact gifts@allsoulschurch.org to find out how your passion for All Souls can have a true lasting impact on our efforts to make the world a better place.

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 "My husband and I made a transformational gift to the Endowment because, as new grandparents, we realize the urgency of preserving the All Souls of Love Beyond Belief, not just for our grandchildren, but for their grandchildren." —Grace, All Souls Member


Endowment Fund

All Souls Unitarian Church is fortunate to have a permanent Endowment Fund, which was established with a visionary founding gift from Gerald Westby in 1964. Thanks to the generosity of many members and friends, good investment returns, and a disciplined withdrawal policy, the fund's value has grown to more than $3.4 million. It has become an important part of All Souls' financial foundation and well-being. It has enabled the church to expand its programming and ministry. It has provided funds for unplanned major maintenance expenses that invariably occur on our expanded and aging building and grounds. It has been a contributor to the 1999 and 2002 capital campaign drives. 

The Endowment Fund is managed by the Investment Committee, which is overseen by the Board of Trustees. The chair, vice chair, and other members of the committee are appointed by the Board. The committee's work is done in accordance with a formal set of policies and procedures established by the Board.

Supporters of the Endowment Fund have a sincere passion for the causes advanced by All Souls and for the enriching personal experiences they’ve had through the church. Their gifts to the Fund serve as a testament to those causes and personal experiences. It is also a symbol of hope that the good done by All Souls will continue to exist for future generations. 

To visit about your endowment gift options, please email gifts@allsoulschurch.org.


Generosity Committee

Vision:  To change lives for the better through the generosity of the Church.  

Mission:  Encourage and guide intelligent giving to support positive change in the greater Tulsa community.

In December, 2004, All Souls members voted to model generosity, abundance and possibility by giving our entire Sunday collections to agencies or programs supporting work or issues important to our congregation.  The Board of Trustees commissioned a committee to work with the ministerial staff to develop a process for identifying possible recipients.

In selecting potential recipients for recommendation, the committee considers the following factors as they apply to possible recipients. The committee looks for potential recipients that:

  • Represent the issues identified by the congregation as important
  • Empower those they serve
  • Provide services with dignity
  • Provide local services predominantly, then state, national and international in priority
  • Embrace All Souls’ vision and mission
  • Provide All Souls members volunteer opportunities
  • Have accountability to the community through a representative board of directors
  • Have a large enough budget to be stable
  • Have a track-record and a known history
  • Are of a size where a gift will be meaningful
  • Are a non-profit organization, usually 501(c)(3)

The committee also considers:

  • Whether the organization is a United Way agency or has some other vetting affiliation.
  • If there is a member/members in the church involved with the organization.

And finally, the committee attempts to choose an organization whose focus fits with the lectionary theme of the month or the holiday season of the year.

Committee members research candidates through information provided on the suggestion form, on the organizations’ websites, through Community Service Council, Guidestar, and Charity Navigator.

Download the request form here.