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The Centennial of All Souls Church is just three years away! Thanks to you, we have come a long way toward achieving our 2021 Vision.

Our faith tradition includes some of the original churches in our nation, where democracy itself began in America. All Souls is a leading example of this tradition in our country today. 

Never before have people of all backgrounds been more ready for and in tune with the values and perspective we offer. With your help, All Souls is poised to be a leading moral and religious voice in the 21st century. It is hard to imagine a better time to have such a voice.

Our late Minister Emeritus, Dr. John Wolf used to say frequently, “the only reason to join All Souls is to support it!” Supporting All Souls is about making sure there is a prominent pulpit in this city that lifts up the best of the Free Religious tradition of America.  

Join us during this exciting and formative time in the history of All Souls by supporting all three campaigns.

Thank you for being a part of All Souls! We could not be who we are without you.

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To support All Souls, we have a three part fundraising effort 


Operating Fund

This is your annual pledge to support our programs and operations for the year. Your annual operating pledge is the heart and soul of All Souls.

Capital Campaign

This is your pledge for the new church. Your gift will help build our spectacular new church campus, which will be a living legacy for Tulsa and beyond. Your Capital Campaign gift can be up to a 5 year pledge. 

Legacy Campaign

Do you have All Souls in your estate plans or hope to do so? Simply check the box on your pledge form and we will contact you with more information.