Parish Nurses

Called to be Members of a Healing Community

Parish nursing involves health promotion and disease prevention based on the care of the whole person. Parish nursing services are designed to build on and strengthen the capacities of individuals, families, and congregations to understand and care for one another in the light of their relationship to each other, their faith tradition, themselves, and the broader society. The practice holds that all persons are sacred and must be treated with respect and dignity.  

Parish Nurses are called to be, and call us to be, members of a healing community. 

Our Parish Nurses use the skills and art they developed as professional nurses in a congregational setting to support members as they cope with life changes and health challenges. Parish Nurses are uniquely suited to support members as they seek to integrate their values, ethics, and faith with decisions surrounding health care for themselves and loved ones. 

Primary functions of our Parish Nurses include: health educator, personal health counselor, referral agent, and health advocate.

The parish nurse assists and empowers the individual to become a more active partner in the management and direction of their physical, emotional, psychological, and spiritual health.

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