Care Team

Care Team Hotline


24 hours a day
7 days a week

The Care Team has a commitment to meet the pastoral care needs of our members 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

The team is composed of trained congregational members who partner to provide the widest scope of services to our church community. 

Members can reach the Care Team Hotline number by calling 918.724.TEAM (8326.)

If you have questions about the Care Team or any of our other pastoral care teams, please contact our EXDIR Of Ministry, Rev. Barbara Prose, at 918.743.2805 ext. 325.


Care Team F.A.Q.s

Q: What if I just want to talk about a problem I am having, but honestly, I don’t know if it really is an emergency?

A: That’s okay. Go ahead and call. Someone will be available to respond to you to  listen to what you have to say and, if appropriate, refer you to a church or community resource.

Q: What if my crisis is a personal matter I wish to remain private?

A: All information shared with the Care Team remains confidential. It will not be discussed outside the Care Team and referrals are made only with your permission.

Q: Which member of the Care Team will I reach if I call the Care Team phone?

A: The members of the team rotate coverage of the phone for a week at a time so it just depends on who is scheduled.

Q: What actually happens when I call?

A: Whoever takes your call will determine if they can help you on the spot simply by talking with you or helping you make a plan to deal further with the problem. In some cases, you may need to talk with a minister right away, and if so, one will be immediately contacted. If no one is available when you call, leave a message and a Care Team member will contact you as soon as possible.

Q: How are people recruited for the Care Team?

A: The ministers recruit potential team members based on recommendations from current team members, congregation members, and their own observations. The goal is to maintain a balance of skills, experience, age groups, and interests that reflect the pastoral needs of the congregation.

Q: How do I know who is on the Care Team?

A: The Care Team is commissioned once a year by the congregation in a Sunday morning service. The Care Team gathers in the front of the sanctuary and receives its charge from the congregation and pledges to uphold its duties. The Care Team also has a bulletin board in the hallway behind the sanctuary with all of the members’ names and photographs.

Q: What training does the Care Team receive?

A: Care Team Members receive lay pastoral training designed and taught by pastoral care professionals and the ministry team. Many of the members come trained in counseling but may not have experience with the spiritual component inherent in pastoral care. Education in spirituality, grief, loss, domestic violence, pastoral presence, reproductive loss, aging, as well as community and church resources continues throughout each member’s two year minimum commitment.

Q: If I have a friend in the hospital who needs a visit, should I tell the Care Team?

A: Absolutely. We want everyone admitted to a hospital to have a contact from the Pastoral Associates. Due to confidentiality issues, the hospital will not contact us directly unless a patient requests that their church be called and All Souls is named as their church. So, please do notify the team of a hospital admission, to make sure no one goes unserved. In addition, if you are being admitted to a hospital, please be sure and identify yourself as an All Souls member so we can check in with you.

Q: I have a doctor’s appointment next week, can the Care Team take me?

A: No, the Care Team is not equipped to provide transportation or any kind of housekeeping, sitting or chores. A referral will be made to Helping Souls or, if appropriate, to a community agency.

Q: What are the ‘expanded’ services of the church’s pastoral care program?

A: The All Souls Pastoral care program includes:  Alzheimer’s Support Group, Friendly Souls, Helping Souls, Life Decisions, NAMI Support Group, Parish Nurses, SpiritSong.  For more information please contact Jennifer Ferre, at 918-743-2805, ext 327

Q: Can I call the Care Team to see if they are helping someone I think needs help?

A: By all means do call to make a referral, but please understand that no information can be given to you about a situation unless we have that person’s permission.  You can also fill out a pink "I'm Concerned" card.

Q: What can I do to support the Care Team?

A: Make referrals, volunteer, let people know what services are available, and most importantly, be willing to extend your own caring hand to a church member who is sitting alone, or who looks lost in the crowd on Sunday morning. We are each part of the larger care team of this church; giving and receiving, helping one another.